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Fall is for Planting!

Rocky Hill Farm is wholesale nursery located in Stephentown, NY featuring high quality ornamental shrubs.   Our plants come in 3, 5, 7 and 10+ gallon sizes and are selected for their Zone 5 hardiness. 

Our selection ranges from the most popular varieties to some old fashioned favorites with a few of the newest selections on the market including Bailey’s First Edition Great Star and White Diamonds Hydrangeas and Cool Splash Honeysuckle Bush.  

We offer a wide variety of Hydrangea, Weigelia , Viburnum and Ninebark.  Other selections include:  Aronia, Azalea, Callicarpa, Cephalanthus, Clethra, Cornus, Cotinus, Deutzia, , Forsythia, Fothergilla, Heptacodium miconoides (Seven-Son Flower), Hibiscus, Honeysuckle Bush, Ilex, Itea,  Leucothoe, Lilac, Mockorange, Mountain Laurel,  Pearl Bush, Potentilla, Quince (thornless), Salix, Sambucas, Sand Cherry, Spirea, Rhododendron, evergreens,  and many more.

We offer several varieties of ornamental trees including Hydrangea, Weeping Cherry, Redbud and Magnolia.  

​Our full inventory is available upon request. 

 Hours are by appointment only.  Call or email us today and come see our beautiful plants!

Welcome to Rocky Hill Farm